Fresh Magento install and get an internal server 500 error

I did a fresh Magento install and I get an internal server 500 error. After running the magento-cleanup tool and disabling the htaccess-file it worked correctly. When I enable the htacces-file I get the error again so I concluded it’s something in or with the htaccess-file. It’s the default htaccess file and even… Continue reading Fresh Magento install and get an internal server 500 error

ISCL Online Launch

Congretulation for ISCL Online is launched! Locally established in Hong Kong in 1962, Ichikawa Sangyo Co. Ltd (ISCL) is engaged in the wholesaling and retailing of active lifestyle products of Japanese sporting brands. Since its beginning as a trading company, ISCL has taken advantage of its unique knowledge of business cultures of Japan, and… Continue reading ISCL Online Launch

How to Optimize Magento for Faster Ecommerce

Magento is a very power and flexible open source ecommerce solution. As you may know, however, with great power comes great responsibility. Magento can be a lot for a server to handle if you have an active online business, but with some good optimization, you can have fast ecommerce and an efficient use of your… Continue reading How to Optimize Magento for Faster Ecommerce

Stop wordpress adding

Been swearing at WordPress this afternoon… I’ve been trying to transfer an html form, which I had working perfectly on a static html page, onto a WordPress page. WordPress insisted on adding multiple <br/> tags where I didn’t want them. Mutter. Eventually, after much searching, I identified a parameter within wp-includes/formatting.php, which allows you to… Continue reading Stop wordpress adding

To shutdown pg_ctl immediately

Sometimes it doesn’t listen to the command pg_ctl stop, the following option can be used: pg_ctl stop -m fast or pg_ctl stop -m immediate