Information Technology Consulting

We are a provider of state-of-the-art solutions for business. We have implemented numerous Intranet systems and improved business process for some large corporations. Managing IVRS, firewall, Unix, NT systems for some prominent companies in Asia Pacific also earned great reputation for us. We have a very strong team capable of managing projects of a wide range of industrial sectors and business sizes.

With outstanding professional knowledge and experiences, we can help to reshape your business processes and increase your competitiveness. New ways of doing business, new strategies, cutting-edge technologies and your open mind will get you ahead in this ever-changing Information Age.


We provides professional services of Chinese-English translation. Utilizing our technical knowledge of information technology and engineering, we are expert in translating technical manual and web sites.

ERP System

We strive for realizing your organization’s full efficiency and cost-effectiveness potential. With seamless modules, we enable improvement of day-to-day operations, maximizing your profitability and free up resources so that you can invest more in future. Gaining competitive advantage, and operate as a best-run business over the long term are not only your goals – our ERP share the same vision

Tikiwiki Hosting

We understand your need to run a website without running into trouble of all technical issues. The premium hosting solutions is flexible and cost effective for all. You can get a fully function site in less than one day and you can gain great support from our professional team.

eLearning System

We provide customizable a course management system using sound pedagogical principles to help both corporate trainers and academic educators create effective online learning communities. The system provides easy creation of courses from existing resources and intuitive online learner and teacher management features.

Web Site Development

Serving the specific needs of your business is our ultimate goal. We work with you to understand your requirements, your needs and your concern. By applying the latest information technology, we build advanced systems that turn your dreams into business opportunities. With our highly productive team of great caliber, we assure you that you and your company are in good hands. We are ready to deliver high-quality products within your budget. All software systems are properly tested and we deliver on-line help subsystems and documentation. Training to you and your staff is complementary. We provide 6 months warranty for all systems we deliver and this term can be extended. Furthermore, we develop systems that are user-friendly, easy to administer and appealing. Please contact us at for free consultancy service.

Web Hosting

We offer web hosting in various platform at competitive price. One-stop shop service – from registration to web development. This service is ideal for customers who want a quick and reliable solution. Apart from the professional web hosting service, we offer you a 10% discount on every development service we provide. Mail to us now

Survey Services

We offers an integrated suite of state-of-the-art information management tools, robust analytical systems and methodologies, and committed professional client services to help our clients find the unique perspectives on any business issue.

From straightforward customer satisfaction reports to the most sophisticated of analytical technologies, our statistical techniques can help quantify likely outcomes and pinpoint sound solutions. This information can help provide solutions for optimizing your business.