ISCL Online Launch

Congretulation for ISCL Online is launched!

Locally established in Hong Kong in 1962, Ichikawa Sangyo Co. Ltd (ISCL) is engaged in the wholesaling and retailing of active lifestyle products of Japanese sporting brands.

Since its beginning as a trading company, ISCL has taken advantage of its unique knowledge of business cultures of Japan, and has effectively communicated the distribution policies of suppliers to its good effects in Hong Kong. It also strives to meet the ever-changing market demands by feeding timely news of local needs back to the suppliers.

With the introduction of ‘Mizuno’ brand into the region in 1975, as the sole distributor in Hong Kong, ISCL has in effect helped in pioneering and development of local sporting industry such as in the fields of baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, running & athletic.

With the pool of knowledge and experience in the fields of sports and sport-fashion markets, ISCL pledges to offer quality distribution policies of the suppliers, and to keep on contributing to Hong Kong society in the development of sports and sport-fashion industries.

We wish ISCL has a successful in their new business